Desert Angels Packing Party

We joined the festivities at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic School as Ms. Sumner’s 3rd grade class packed stockings and Miracle Boxes for our military personnel who will be spending Christmas while serving in Afghanistan.

Louise Downs, founder of Desert Angels, has been sending these types of care packages for 15 years. She and her team put together what she calls a Miracle Box, which was created in memory of PFC Joseph A. Miracle. Learn more at

On this particular packing day, we watched as enthusiastic children placed two 30-minute calling cards from Mikie’s Minutes in each box along with many other items, from toiletries to protein bars to beef jerky.

Mikie’s Minutes was created by the parents of SGT Michael Ingram. They lost their son while he was deployed in Afghanistan. Mikie always loved calling home but couldn’t always afford it – phone calls are not free. Thus, Mikie’s Minutes was founded with the purpose of allowing other deployed service members to stay in touch with their loved ones. Learn more at

For our film Enlisted, we feel it is important to understand how organizations like these affect the men and women who volunteer to defend our country.

This filming session will be part of the documentary film, Enlisted. To learn more about Enlisted, please go to