The Big Game

Veterans Day in Bonita Springs concluded with a double-header softball game. Our old friends the Louisville Slugger Warriors, military veterans and active duty members, several of whom are amputees, came to town to play the Bonita Springs Fire Department and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office softball teams.

Before the first pitch, thrown by 92-year-old WWII veteran Bill Pace, the teams processed onto the field with a color guard and mounted sheriff’s officer. The fire department hoisted a giant American flag into the sky with the ladder on one of the fire trucks as the National Anthem was sang, and then the teams were off. The Sluggers easily beat both teams, but it was clear the crowd was just happy to be able to celebrate veterans.

A big thank you to the Trianon Hotel at Bonita Bay for hosting us for our week of filming. Your accommodations were wonderful.

We would also like to thank Executive Producer Bob Gillette for helping to arrange so many interviews while we were in Bonita Springs.

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